- We have initiated vocational training programs to enhance and encourage the poor women and youth to be self-reliant.
- We have initiated various savings, Micro-credit and income generating programs for women and SHG’s initiated to enable them to be socially and economically self-reliant.
Initiated various social welfare activities focusing on providing basic health services to children and women.

To promote liberal causes with special emphasis on the protection of human rights and dignity, freedom and enterprise of men and women.
We work closely with other groups and individuals to advocate for changes in existing policies and programs to benefit the affected groups.
organise gender sensitization programs, Women health and right's issues and violance against women,

SKILL Training Programs at RUHFW

In the year 2016, RUHFW has initiated a skill training program for the SHG women in the area of tailoring with the support of few friends for Scotland have encouraged to start this program.


Micro-credit Programme

Women in the urban slums and rural areas face tremendous pressure of family responsibilities owing to the lack of employment and steady income of their husbands, combined with problems of alcoholism and gambling.



Women Self Help Groups

The various activities are targeted towards the poor women and children belonging to the disadvantaged, marginalized and oppressed sections of the society.